You May Be There For Me But You're Not Here For Me
My own house! Mmhmm!

My own house! Mmhmm!


an amazing story


an amazing story


'Columbusing': when white people think they discovered something they didn't

Want more examples of ‘Columbusing?’ watch the full video here.

(Source: College Humor)

Feeling Accepted

Sunday I got accepted into grad school… Today my offer on a house got accepted.

Hopefully soon to be a home owner, a landlord, and to have my masters degree.

Moving on up!

New and exciting

-buying a house
-becoming a landlord
-going to grad school in fall
-going to Canada next weekend
- saw Shaggy and Bootsy Collins last night
-going to alive at five tonight for Reggae night
-(slowly) writing up a business plan for my own Jerk and Juice business

Got accepted to SUNY… The second time around but hey, I got my foot in the door! Now I just have to walk through it! :)